Ways You Can Increase Endurance in Cycling

Cycling is a great sport and hobby. Most of us know how to ride a bicycle and some even take it a step further, becoming hobbyists who compete in amateur races, as personal challenges. Some even take it a step further, and enter professional-grade races. Most cycling races, if not all of them, require a high level of endurance. Endurance can be obtained in many ways, through various exercises, not all of which include cycling.

However, if you want to increase your endurance in cycling, here are a couple of ways you can do it.

More Cycling

This is straightforward and simple, if you want more endurance, you should cycle more. Get on that bicycle and head out in the open world. If you want to work on different aspects of your endurance, like VO2Max, then you need to do sprint runs, at over 90% of your capacity. Such runs will inevitably be short, but they will increase in distance. It is also worth noting that an increase in lung capacity will also help you in the long run.

Other ways of increasing endurance by cycling more include long distance routes. If you want to add more intensity to your routes, add verticality. Climbing is hard and most races have some verticality to them. 


Most endurance sports are similar to one another, in the sense that they are aerobic. Running is a great substitute for cycling. But, one should not just run on flat ground. A great way to increase your lung capacity and help strengthen your legs is to run uphill. Whether running on asphalt or on a trail, both should suffice for increasing leg strength and overall endurance.

One does not just have to cycle to become better at cycling. Just like a 100m sprinter does not just practice 100 meter runs, an endurance cyclist is not simply going to cycle long distances. Variety in training helps surprise the body and help strengthen it.

Strength Training – Weight Lifting

Not all endurance training has to do with actual endurance training. Sometimes, having the right muscle strength is also important. Endurance is a combination of strength and the ability to sustain it. If you need bursts of strength, you should do some weighted squats, preferably with heavy weights, to give your legs a proper workout. The stronger your legs, the more you can do in key moments when bursts are required, like those final pushes in a race.

Endurance is a couple of things mixed together. For cycling, there are many ways to practice endurance and these are some of them. The obvious one is to cycle as much as possible, but then one should mix it up, with running and strength training.