Things You Need to Know about “Survivor” – The Show

We see some strange things on broadcast television. Some people have got used to not seeing broadcast television, mostly because streaming is available today. You can choose what to watch and when, without advertisements or other bothersome things.

However, broadcast TV is still very much alive and some programs and shows are available via streaming services.

Survivor is one such show, an interesting one, to say the least. People are left on an island, and they have to survive, or rather, do challenging tasks and in the end, get prize money. But, there are some hidden things behind the scenes that people are unaware of, like with most reality shows.

Here are some interesting facts and things to know about Survivor.

Laser Hair Removal

At the start of every season, contestants get various treatments so that they can appease the people watching the show. There are plenty of beauty standards that people adhere to, unconsciously and often consciously. Some contestants are offered laser hair removal. This gives them a cleaner look which can sometimes last throughout the season.

Some contestants do not get that treatment and have commented on the fact that they do not need to shave or groom. It is liberating, according to the contestants. 

A Medicine Box on Standby

Given the remoteness of the set, often on an island, with lots of sun exposure, there are always health issues to be considered. Sun exposure is a pretty nasty one, and contestants often have sunscreen, even when it is not visible. What the audience doesn’t know is that there is a medicine box on standby, never in the camera view. The medicine box contains essentials, including sunscreen. When not being filmed contestants can apply sunscreen to themselves and each other. They are not allowed to strategize while doing so.

Everybody Gets Checked Out by a Doctor Upon Elimination

Speaking of health, being on an island or other remote location can be challenging, health-wise. Our immune systems can only go so far before we catch an infection. All contestants are checked out by doctors at the end of their road in a season when they are eliminated. They are treated if they have caught anything, which does happen from time to time. From bacteria to various cuts and bruises, contestants face challenges of all types, including health challenges.

Food is Not That Scarce

Most contestants find it easy to deal with food scarcity. The food is not even that scarce, given that the contestants ration rice and other readily available food. Some of them fish in the ocean and find other ways of having more food, so as never to go hungry. Some of the contestants say that dealing with constant anxiety helps with not being as hungry or requiring as much food. 

The Clothes Are Prepared in Advance

Contestants have no say about the clothes they get to wear. All the clothes are ready in advance and contestants must adhere to clothing rules. Contestants have the same outfit and they have to wear it all the time, for about 39 days. Contestants wash their clothes in any way they can, in the ocean or by boiling them. They do have exact replicas of their outfits on standby, should something happen to the original outfit.

Survivor is an interesting reality TV show, but it also has its quirks that most viewers do not know about. These were some of the interesting things that you should know about Survivor.