The Best YouTube Channels That Promote Running

Whenever we are stuck, we need to find some inspiration or perhaps something external to motivate us. For some people, seeing others do great things inspires them, for others, reading, watching movies, and listening to music helps. Sometimes, taking a break is also important. 

But, when you just need to get solid advice, why not find experts who share their experience for free. Believe it or not, YouTube has plenty of people who are willing to do so. Running YouTube channels are aplenty so here are our top choices.

VO2Max Productions

This is an interesting name and from it, you can infer that it has to do with cardiovascular activities. VO2Max refers to the maximum oxygen consumption that our body can do when doing intense cardiovascular exercise. Running athletes get their VO2Max measured from time to time. This channel is hosted by ultramarathon runner Sage Canaday. His experience in the field of running is vast and he shares advice on how not to injure oneself. Nutrition is also a key factor for running, so he shares his experiences about nutrition in general, and during long races.

The Run Experience

The name gives it away. This channel has everything to do about running. It is about keeping people running, and not just helping them train to run a certain distance. It covers everything about running, in detail. The best thing is probably everything related to caring about our bodies, injury prevention, and what to do after being injured. There are plenty of training plans and videos about how to run properly. It is basically a channel for runners of all levels, more of a community than anything else.

C Tolle Run

Some people just want to learn from one of the best in the business. Carrie Toffleson is an Olympic runner and has many medals and trophies behind her. When you have an elite athlete who has turned coach and teacher, you don’t hesitate at the opportunity to learn from them. Whether a beginner or somebody looking to enter races, it is always a good idea to learn from a professional with years of experience behind them. 

The Ginger Runner

The Ginger Runner is what it says it is, a channel about running, hosted by a ginger person. It is a channel dedicated to running documentaries, gear reviews, race experiences and running in general. If you wanted a piece of gear but didn’t fancy the reviews you found online, this is the place to learn about them. Race experiences are always great to listen to, to help prepare for a longer race, both in terms of logistics and training. 

James Dunne 

This channel was previously known as Kinetic Revolution and is now named after its host, James Dunne. It is a great channel that caters to runners of all levels but is always there to help beginners find their footing, which is the most important part of any sport and physical activity.

These are the best running channels out there. Watch some of their videos if you need inspiration, advice, or just good running content.