4 Mistakes to Avoid When Redeeming Your Air Miles

Travel is slowly returning to normal. We have had problems with flying and travel for a while now, all thanks to a global pandemic. Since things are taking a turn for the better and people are slowly starting to travel once more, as countries loosen their lockdown laws, we should discuss air miles and the ability to redeem one’s miles.

People make mistakes all the time and some people make mistakes when redeeming their air miles. In order not to make those mistakes, here are the most common ones, as well as ways of avoiding them.

Not Redeeming the Miles Before They Expire

During the global pandemic, since air travel was scarce, most companies froze their customer’s air miles, so that they would not expire. For some companies, the miles never expire and can be redeemed at any time. However, some companies are cheeky and want you to travel as much as possible so that you can make use of your air miles, so that they have any value, for the company and yourself.

With that, you should check whether your miles will actually expire and whether you have to rush and use them. People lose value on coupons and discounts simply because they forget that there is an expiry date. The same can happen with air miles. Redeem them before they expire!

Searching in the Wrong Place

As mentioned, some companies are cheeky. Air companies have partnerships and alliances. One should always check which company works with other companies. Some companies will intentionally leave out other companies, competing ones, or ones which are not part of their alliance. 

Search on another company’s site or find out which alliance your company belongs to, so that you can find a flight with award seats. Outsmart the companies, use search engines and simply find what you need. Do not limit yourself to using a single company’s site, no matter how good their track record is.

Limited Deals Don’t Last Forever

Just like those who forget about their miles and they expire, there are people who wait too long and lose the opportunity to book a flight because the flight gets gobbled up by faster consumers. Limited deals are limited for a reason, whether a time limit or a number of seats limit. 

These deals can pop up and you can use your miles to get a business class seat and have that flight experience which is simply better in almost every way. But, if you wait for too long and can’t make up your mind, the deal will simply be gone by the time you fill out the form.

Flexibility is Key

Losing a spot for your air miles because you are adamant about flying on a certain date is one of the mistakes that people make all the time. Unless you are in a rush and have to be somewhere at a certain time, you should definitely be flexible with your flight dates. Flying later or earlier, depending on the miles that you can redeem is a good way of making use of your frequent flying and not letting the miles go to waste, not to mention the flights.

Everybody should use their air miles for their own goals, and definitely avoid some of the mistakes mentioned above. Focus on why you need the miles and use them, don’t just leave them to expire.